African Violet Pots
Red Gold/Blue AV 1
Red Gold/Blue AV 2 SOLD
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Red Gold Stamped AV 1 SOLD
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Red Gold Stamped AV 3 SOLD
Red Gold Stamped AV 4 SOLD
Red Gold Stamped AV 5 SOLD
Red Gold/Green AV 1 SOLD
I have a brown thumb, and houseplants are doomed when they come into my house.  So when a friend told me about these “self-watering” pots, I had to try to make some for myself.  The idea is that the outer pot is glazed and waterproof, while the bottom of the “inner” pot is unglazed.  The plant goes in the inner pot, water goes in the outer pot, and the inner pot sits in the water-filled outer pot.  The water is sucked through the porous inner pot to water the plant’s roots from the bottom.  Would you believe I’m actually able to keep a plant alive using these pots?  You simply add water to the outer pot once a week or so, and the plant stays happy.  Go figure.
I had to do some experimenting with these pots.  The inner pot can’t be made with my normal Cone 6 stoneware clay, since that clay is not porous enough to draw the water into the pot, even unglazed.  I’ve made these out of a low-fire white clay (fired to Cone 04), but more recently, have been experimenting with using a Cone 6 clay and glazes for the outer pot with coordinating low-fired clay and glazes for the inner pot.  (You can see the History of my experiments here.)  Check them out and let me know what you think!