Check out my recent work!

This page shows a selection of my clay work. Due to COVID-19, and the likelihood that craft shows will stay canceled for the next few months, I’m now selling my work from my very own Etsy shop! If you see something on this page that is not yet on the Etsy site, feel free to email me!

Functional Work

I generally work with mid-range (Cone 5-6) stoneware. Most of my work uses a combination of two or three glazes, and sometimes use just a clear glaze over underglaze decoration. My goal is to use glazes that are food safe and dishwasher/microwave safe, making beautiful, functional objects that can be used every day. Check it out!

African Violet Pots

My self watering African Violet pots are 2-part planters. The “outer pot” is created using my normal, cone 6 mid-fire clay. The “inner pot” is made from a white low-fire clay, and is left unglazed so that the porous bisqued clay can “draw” the water from the outer pot to water the plant. (So water goes in the outer pot, and the plant goes in the inner pot, see?)

These are complicated to make since the two types of clay have different shrinkage rates… I tend to make a bunch of outer pots, and then later make a bunch of inner pots which then are mixed and matched to find their perfect mates.

Zentangle Inspired Pots

I sometimes enjoy decorating the surface of my work using black underglaze, painting repetitive patterns inspired by Zentangle pen-and-ink art.

Colored Clay

I’ve recently become obsessed with millefiori techniques using slips/clays colored with Mason Stains. Check out my initial results!

Lord of the Rings Pots and Meditation Art

As a die-hard geek and Lord of the Rings fan, I’ve played with adding fandom references. I’ve also worked with clay Labyrinths, used for meditation.

Clay Art

Over the years, I’ve played with other clay art forms (including sculpture and mosaic art. Here are some examples!